Olpalex Inverness

We are the Official Olaplex Salon in Inverness.

Introducing the new salon wonder treatment that is sweeping the planet and a firm favourite with celebs like Kim Kardashian.

Everybody's Talking about OLAPLEX…and NO WONDER!

Our clients just can’t get enough of it at and it has become our most asked for treatment and here’s why.

As colour trends get more frequent and more experimental the promise of a salon treatment to restore your hair to its virgin state, even as your colour is being applied, it’s alluring indeed!

Coloured without the damage yay! Clients are now taking their hair blonder than before with the help of Olaplex.

This revolutionary product has been created by two chemists Dean Chrystal and Craig Hawker.

In a nutshell, Opalex is a turbo charged treatment that repairs the disulphate sulphur bonds within the hair structure. These bonds get broken by heat, colouring treatments, and daily life pollution’s.

Now Olaplex is changing the way we think of hair colour by removing the damage risk when used by a professional hairdresser as part of the colour process.  One of their advertising slogans is ‘insurance for your hair’.

Olplex Services we offer at Ego in Inverness:

Olaplex Colour Treatment- add to your colour application

Olpalex Treatment – add to your service as a back wash treatment

Olpalex Take Home-Take home Olpalex to continue treating your hair at home


Don’t forget we are an Official Olaplex Salon in Inverness which means we GUARANTEE what you are getting is the real thing.

Ask us for Olaplex to be added to your next colour or service or pop in to buy the home treatment on 01463 220234